Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery – or jaw surgery – is sometimes necessary to correct TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, malocclusion, and other oral health or medical conditions. Jaw surgery can correct a wide range of problems, including chewing difficulties, chronic jaw pain, or facial asymmetry.

Dr Zoud performs orthognathic surgery at the Wisdom Specialist Centre. Learn more about this procedure as well as the many benefits it offers.

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

The term “orthognathic” is derived from the Greek word “orthos,” meaning straight, and “gnathos,” meaning jaw. If orthodontic treatment does not correct how the jaws fit together when the mouth is closed, then orthognathic surgery may be the only alternative option. Corrective jaw surgery improves function and appearance of the jaws by straightening, repositioning, reshaping, or rebuilding the bone. Oftentimes, orthognathic surgery is performed in conjunction with orthodontics to achieve the desired results.

Correcting the way the jaws fit together also improves overall function. Orthognathic surgery is routinely used to:

  • Improve chewing function
  • Enhance proper speech
  • Treat sleep apnea, snoring, or other jaw-related sleep disorders
  • Enhance facial appearance and proportions

What are the benefits of orthognathic surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery offers a number of benefits for those who require it. In addition to treating all of the conditions listed above, this procedure can correct severe skeletal issues that cannot be addressed with orthodontics alone. As a result, patients can enjoy improved health and a better quality of life.

Diagnosis: Your Initial Consultation

To determine if orthognathic surgery is right for you, Dr Zoud will perform a comprehensive consultation. In addition to assessing your oral health, he will take photographs, scans, and x-rays of your teeth and jaw joints. We may also take impressions and create molds or specialised scans of your mouth to assist in treatment planning.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may require treatment from your general dentist or orthodontist prior to orthognathic surgery. Following your initial consultation, Dr Zoud can give you a general overview of your treatment timeline.

Treatment: About the Procedure

Orthognathic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital. In most cases, this is an inpatient procedure.

During the surgery, Dr Zoud will incise and move your jaw as necessary. For example, a large jaw can be reduced in size, or a small jaw can be lengthened. Most incisions can be made inside the mouth to minimise external scarring. If external incisions are necessary, special care is taken to ensure that they are placed within the natural creases of the face.

After repositioning the jaw bones and/or the chin, Dr Zoud may use bands, wires, plates, and screws to hold the bones in place. Made of biocompatible materials, the screws fuse with the natural bone tissue in a process called osseointegration. Bone grafts may also be placed to improve tissue strength and density. In some cases, Dr Zoud may reshape the existing bone.

Recovery: What to Expect after Orthognathic Surgery

After your hospital stay, you will be provided with specific post-surgical instructions to follow as you recover at home. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not use a straw.
  • Take pain medication as instructed.
  • Change dressings as instructed.
  • Keep your head elevated while lying down.
  • Avoid strenuous tasks, like lifting and working out.
  • Eat soft foods and gradually move to a regular diet.
  • Practice good oral hygiene with precautions, as defined in your postsurgical instructions.


In one to three weeks, most patients resume work and normal activity. Healing takes 6 to 12 weeks in most cases.

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